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Making money online is easy. What you need is a blog(s) with good traffics. If you have a blog / website with 1,000 visitors / a day, you should have been able to make money easily by then. It’s especially true if you run a PPC / CPC (Pay Per Click / Cost Per Click) ads program like Google AdSense, Clicksor, where number of visitors does matter. For Indonesians using Bahasa Indonesia-speaking blog , you may join Indonesia’s PPC program such as, and many others.

There are many make-money-online types other than PPCs which are less popular such as PPA / CPA or Pay Per Action / Cost Per Action in which you’ll get paid if someone click the ads and buy the product or subscribe to its mailing list, depends on the agreement. PPD or Pay Per Download is part of CPA/PPA ad in which program you’ll get paid for the file you have uploaded to a particular site and downloaded by visitors.

CPM or Cost Per Mile (means, One Thousand) is advertising program where you as publisher will get paid for every one thousands visitors who come to your ad-embedded site.

Affiliate programs also become supplementary making money online which is very popular to some publisher blogger.

So, first off, if you are serious to make money through internet, you need to have a blog(s) with decent traffics. And to be able to do that, you need to update your blog regularly with a good quality content. Otherwise, how people will come to you if there is nothing offered.

If you are ready to put an ads in your blog, these are some lists of ads program available on the internet. The list will be updated and expanded over time. So, keep visiting this page for more.

II. PPC (Paid Per- Click) Ads International:

Texts and Images

1. AdSense
2. Chitika | Review
3. Widgetbucks | Review
4. AdsPilot
5. Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)
6. Clicksor | Review | Requirement to be a Clicksor Publisher
7. Bidvertiser
8. AdBrite | Review
9. Technorati Ads
10. Etology | Review
11. Adtoll

In Text Ads / Inline Text Ads

1. Linkxl
2. Adbrite | Review
3. Inlinks
4. Ads2link
5. Infolinks

III. Pay Per Twit (PPT) Make Money from Twitter

2. Magpie PPT Ad
3. SponsoredTweets
4. Register Revtwt | Tutorial
5. Twittad

IV. Daftar Iklan PPC Indonesia

Iklan Teks dan Gambar Indonesia

* AdSense

Iklan Teks Links Indonesia

1. Jubelink

Iklan Paid to Review Indonesia

1. Jubelink

V. Fixed Price Rate Ads per Months

Text Links Ads

1. TLA
2. Backlinks

Texts and Images

1. AdsPilot
2. Bidvertiser
3. Adbrite
4. Etology
5. Projectwonderful
6. AdEngage

VI. Paid to Review (Paid for writing about a particular product)

1. Sponsored Reviews
2. PayPerPost
3. Smorty
4. Reviewme

VII. CPM (Cost Per-Mile / Paid Per-One Thousands) Impression Ads

1. Top 28 CPM Advertising Services
2. WidgetBucks | Review
3. AdBrite | Review
4. Tribal Fusion
5. AdsDaq
6. ValueClick Media
7. Casale Media
8. (Short URL ads)

VIII. A. Affiliate Program (PPA – Paid Per Action)

1. CO.CC free domain
2. CZ.CC free domain
3. Adgitize
4. OIO Publisher
5. Amazon

VIII. B. PPD Pay Per Download

1. Ziddu | Register

IX. Top Web Hosting

1. Hostgator
2. Go Daddy
3. Yahoo! Hosting
4. Fat Cow
5. Inmotiong Hosting
6. 1and1

X. Webhosting Indonesia

1. Rumahweb
2. Indowebsite
3. Apenta
4. Aditif
5. Indowebmaker
6. Idebagus
7. e-Padi

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